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It has been far too long since I last looked at Dreamwidth. At first I wandered off with temporary departure in mind, but I am afraid it passed out of my attention and then when it returned I simply did not bother to give it any thought or care. With places such as Facebook, DeviantArt, Pixton, and Wattpad taking up my time, a journal seemed a bit pointless. However, there have been multiple times I wished I had a journal of some kind; somewhere to post my thoughts, ambitions, and day to day happenings for the amusement and critique of others, or perhaps even for myself that in future years I might look back and think "Oh, what a wonderful thing I thought. I was quite clever, was I not? And I had forgotten about that lovely event!" or, more than likely "Goodness! What awfully immature thoughts! What terrible writing, lacking in class! What a sad excuse for human anatomy in those dreadful drawings. Surely I am better now." Thus my older self will criticize the younger, as is the way of life.

So here I am, a journal at hand, and ambitious plans for actual upkeep. Yes, it will fall into neglect from time to time, but perhaps I shall manage to post something from time to time. It may be boring, it may go completely unread by others, but I at least will have, for my own use, a record of the things which I saw as important enough to write about in years past.
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